General Behavior Rules

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  1. Avoid spam of any kind (be it channel links, asking for like, asking for follow, asking for like, etc.)
  2. Use Top-Conquerors when you have a specific question and post it in the feed (questions will not be answered on external pages and programs.)
  3. Guide new users to know the rules.
  4. Avoid insults or comments that may be offensive.
  5. Avoid talking about a topic in a different category: Example, “If I post Army Men RTS, put the Gaming category” and “If I post reading-related topics, put the “Literature” category.)
  6. Do not use Top-Conquerors for self-promotion. (includes line “1”.)
  7. If you are going to upload videos, try to keep them short so that the public knows you (if it is the first time you publish a topic in the feed.)
  8. Three warnings means total loss of the Top-Conquerors account.
  9. Try to personalize your profile so that other members know you (the idea is to be a tight-knit community).
  10. It is recommended to activate notifications to find out when a user uploads a new topic to the feed. (if you are registered, therefore, you already receive the notifications).
  11. Valid slogan for the Book Club is valid for five days (after the time limit to solve the slogan, points will no longer be qualified for the reading tournament.)
  12. The gaming community should be cautious and prevent “this game is better than another” (this adds a warning and the game that caused problems will be sanctioned and no tournaments of said game will be held for a certain time.)
  13. By registering in Top-Conquerors you are accepting the Literature Community – Gaming Community – General Behavior regulation.

Updated: 08/18/2022

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