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Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a FPP psychological survival horror game by Swedish studio Frictional Games. The game is set in August 1839. We play the role of a young Daniel, who wakes up on the floor of a bleak and large castle with amnesia. The only things he manages to remember are his name, where he lives and that a mysterious Shadow follows him. He notices traces of some kind of liquid on the ground and decides to follow them to find its source. Along the way, he experiences some mysterious phenomena that cannot be seen in everyday life... After some time he gets to a room where a broken bottle with this strange liquid lies on the floor and a letter on the table. It turns out that he wrote it to himself, with all the information he needs to know and the fact that he deliberately drank the amnesia potion. The most important thing from the letter is to get to the Inner Sanctum and kill a certain Alexander, who contributed to Daniel's desire to lose his memory. Daniel is horrified by the whole situation, but decides to carry out his instructions from the letter. However, he must be very careful and gather all his courage, because something very scary lurks in the darkness of the castle...

The game has been completely remastered thanks to a certain mod made by florian. There are many interesting things included in it that are worth checking out. Click on the link below to learn more and download it yourself. The mod is available completely free of charge.

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